how to download facebook videos online in PC

How to Download Facebook Videos To Your Computer or Laptop

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Here’s a fastest and easiest way on how to do download facebook videos. Downloading videos has become easy by just copying the URL and simply pasting on the downloading site and just by selecting the quality of videos, without the need of downloading any software tool you can download the video. There exist many third party sites available on internet to download videos from social media. Read the Terms of service before downloading any videos on Facebook. It is legal to share any videos on internet, but downloading for offline use is not permitted. Facebook allows user to save their videos, but most of the people want to download favorite videos directly to their mobile. Here is a list of many sites where you can download videos in a matter of minutes.

Download videos from Facebook using

Step 1

Go to, open the video that you want to download.

Step 2

Right click on the video post and select “Copy video URL at current time”

Step 3

Open and Paste your URL link in the download section and select the video quality you want.

Step 4

Last and final step, click on the button “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video”

How to Download Videos from keepvid

Step 1

Copy the video URL by right-click on the video and choose “Copy URL”

Step 2

Paste the URL in the download section of Keepvid.

Step 3

Select the desired quality and click on the download button

Final steps to download High quality video from Keepvid

Do you know any other way to download facebook videos or facing any problem in downloading, let us know in the comment section. Click here to get more articles.

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