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Best Employee Monitoring Software of 2020

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Employee tracking in organizations is a thoughtful matter. There are definite advantages and disadvantages of monitoring on workers’ computer usage. Many employees feel unhappy when their bosses or managers supervise them with the help of surveillance software. 

There are numerous positive reasons to Track Windows Computer of employees and if approached in the right way, the advantages can undeniably overweight the disadvantages. 

Let’s take a look at what is an employee monitoring and why it’s important. 

Improve Data Security

Team members who devote most of their valuable time performing non-work-related internet surfing on their computers and gadgets neglect security measures. This non-serious attitude can bring various problems for your company and investors. 

You would never want your customers’ and clients’ confidential data to fall into wrong hands. The use of computer tracking software can support you keep a check on your organization’s data security. You can tighten up all the flaws in your security practices. 

Prevent Time-Wasting Activities 

Workers must take short breaks during office hours. They are not robots, so they will not work continuously without taking intervals. However, if they spend extended periods chatting with their families or friends, playing games on Facebook, or shopping online, then it can severely impact on your company’s productivity. The windows computer monitoring app enables you to put a full stop to time-wasting acts before they become trouble for you.  

Catch Issues at The Right Time

To create discipline in the workplace, you need to make sure all your employees are fully concentrated on their official tasks instead of wasting time in gossips and conspiracies. If you will use the tracking tool, it will permit you to find and resolve issues while they are in the initial phase. 

For instance, if your team uses company-owned systems to watch unsuitable material or indulge in corrupt activities, it could produce a hostile atmosphere in your organization. Therefore, it’s critical to discourage such kind of attitude prior to avert a minor issue from becoming a headache later. 

How Can Computer Monitoring Software Help You?

Listen to Surroundings

The app can record and listen to all the surrounding voices, chats, discussions, and conspiracies efficiently. If you want to stay updated with how your employees are performing in your absence, you should rely on this function. It allows you to secretly hear whom they are talking to by taking control of their computer’s microphone to hear the chats as long as you would like.   

Record Screen Activity

The software has an awesome screen recording feature that empowers you to capture all the activities of your staff. The captured short videos will be sent to your control panel, so you can watch them later. If you are doubtful they are sending the company’s sensitive data to a third-party, you can prevent them from destroying your business right away. 

Record Browser Activity

Many employees’ waste time watching videos on YouTube or exchanging messages to their dear ones on social media websites during the shift time. However, with the windows computer tracker, you can easily see which apps and programs that have installed on their systems. 

You can also keep an eye on their browser activities to view the most visited websites, bookmarked webpages, and much more. If they explore adult or pornography sites, you can filter or block them effortlessly. 

Monitor on Sent And Received Emails

You can get access to their sent and received emails on the organization’s systems. The app enables you to track all types of emails including primary, inbox, outbox, bin, trash, draft, promotional, social, and other emails. You can read the entire content and attachments as well to evaluate the actual purpose of the email. 

Capture Keystrokes

You can capture all the keystrokes and passwords that your employees have entered on your company’s computers. You can check if the passwords are strong or not to prevent unauthorized access.  


If you want to employee monitoring software, take advantage of the groundbreaking features of TheOneSpy computer spyware and start inspecting what they are up to.

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